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I hope this note finds you all (including your bubble) in good health. It is certainly times such as these that highlight the necessity for community.

Speaking of that, I would like to share our version of community which has been such a delight for the last several decades. We live in an area of East Fort Garry known as Wildwood Park. Constructed shortly after the second world war to provide housing for returning soldiers, it has developed into an engaged, connected and joyful group of families. That doesn’t describe everyone or their experiences, but the physical space allows a sense of community to flourish.

As you can see in the attached map, homes are divided into “sections” or bays with a back lane running along the rear of the property and the front having no roadways, only sidewalks or playgrounds. You can imagine this would be an advantage for raising children in safety. Walking has taken an upturn lately, but there have always been plenty out and about. Having a route through wooded areas and playgrounds/athletic fields certainly encourage getting out and moving.

Not everyone in Wildwood Park knows everyone, but chances are pretty good that people know neighbours on their section, and others whom they volunteer with. Things have changed over the years, more dual-income families, an on-going need for recruiting “Board” representatives. We especially value coming together to improve and maintain the vegetation (mainly trees) as succession continues. But overall, this gem of a community has given so much to our wellness and happiness.

Take good care, Harvey Peltz (Section B)

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