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A single parent's perspective on cohousing

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Why would a working single parent want to get involved with Prairie Rivers Cohousing? There are many reasons. To begin with, parenting is a big job. At times, single parenting seems to present insurmountable challenges. Usually, when a person becomes a parent, they don’t think it’s going to be on their own.

I had dreams of meeting the right person who would be my best friend and that we would tackle the world together. We would support each other and make a beautiful home together where we would feel complete, sharing our love with each other and possibly bringing new life into this world. This dream never happened for me, so I am on my own raising my two kids. There are some ups and many downs. Raising kids on my own is so isolating, and at times very trying.

As a single parent with a broken foot, simple tasks suddenly became difficult.

This past summer, I broke my foot and easy tasks became difficult. At the lowest point in my recovery, I told myself, "There must be an easier way to live." I didn’t have a partner and couldn’t expect one any time soon, so I had to find some other way to give myself the relief and support that I needed. A few months later, I heard about cohousing. It made so much sense to me. People intentionally come together to create a supportive community and to socialize with each other.

I feel it would be great for my kids to have friends to play with right in the building where they could be safe and under watchful eye of all the residents. To be able to socialize on a regular basis, without having to leave my home, would enrich my life. Sharing responsibilities, including meals, would free up some of my time to take care of myself.

When children play with others of different ages, they learn from them. When children talk to people of all ages, it helps them gain knowledge and self-confidence. They can be taught informally by adults with different interests and who have time to spend with them. The residents of cohousing communities support each other, both physically and emotionally. All experience the joy which comes from being surrounded by people who care about them.

And there are so many ways in which parents could help each other in a cohousing community: we could watch over each others's kids, do activities together, go on outings to interesting places, or have regular movie nights or slumber parties. The sky is the limit.

Yes, my boys will have the opportunity to play with other children once we live in Prairie Rivers Cohousing, but there will be so many other benefits, both for me and for them. Do consider joining our community. Your kids will benefit, and you will too.

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