Maximize your community, minimize your footprint 

We are creating Winnipeg's first cohousing community.*

Private Homes, Community Spaces

Cohousing is so much more than just housing.  Think of an old-fashioned neighbourhood, but updated to meet modern needs.  Neighbours know and help each other, children play safely, and seniors age in place. In cohousing, each home is privately owned and self-contained.  Common spaces are at the heart of the community, promoting social interaction and connection among neighbours.  

*This project is being developed with the guidance of skilled professionals and financed by its future residents. It is not anticipated that unit costs will be subsidized. 

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Proud Member of the

Canadian Cohousing Network


Is cohousing for you?

Do you consider yourself an optimist and a team player?


Would you like to live in a community where neighbours know and support each other?  


Do you value both privacy and social connection?


Do you value sharing and sustainability over independence and consumerism?


Do you believe that sharing meals brings people closer together?


Do you want to live in a safe, caring community that nurtures young and old, singles and families?

If you answered "yes" to most or all of these questions, please consider exploring the possibility of cohousing.  It might just be a great fit for you!



“Cohousing is for anyone who wants to have more connection with their neighbours. Typically communities include people of all ages from babies to seniors, with couples, families, singles and single parents. The emphasis is on quality of life. There is no social agenda beyond creating a friendly neighbourhood where all residents feel accepted and comfortable.” 

- Canadian Cohousing Network



The members of Prairie Rivers Cohousing plan to build highly energy-efficient homes using high-quality, environmentally-friendly building materials, and include other eco-friendly features into our design.  Sharing common spaces and resources within the completed community will provide yet more opportunities for residents to live lighter on the planet.  

Our Vision

​To build and live in a multi-generational community that:​

  • Fosters meaningful connections through supportive relationships.

  • Is designed to be healthy and ecologically sustainable.

  • Strives for high energy efficiency construction.

  • Is architecturally attractive and in harmony with the neighbourhood.

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